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Urban Farm Tech is a social enterprise that provide urban farming solutions. Urban Farm Tech provides Malaysians with a platform that facilitates proper urban farming system set up that is able to enrich and inspire their talents through interactive learning experience.

Supporting Partner

Alliance Islamic Bank SocioBiz is a donation crowdfunding platform that aims to empower financially disadvantaged communities through entrepreneurship
1:1 Matching

For every ringgit earned through crowdfunding for this campaign, the Malaysian Government will potentially match that amount in a 1:1 ratio under the Social Impact Matching (SIM) Grant initiative.

Double Impact

This campaign will allow local communities to access urban farming knowledge and alternative food sources.

The average age of Malaysia’s farmers is 53 years old and the country spends over RM 52 billion on importing food annually. If this is not tackled, it will become a massive issue for the B40 community to obtain sufficient food source as well as a burden for the country’s budgeting.

What can be done to reduce these alarming costs? Urban farming could be the answer to the ever increasing cost of living, amid the rapid development that has resulted in limited space for food production. Urban Farm Tech set out with the vision of enriching and empowering Malaysian youth with the right knowledge and tools to safeguard Malaysia’s food security in the upcoming years. Farming is no longer only about having a wide-open agriculture land out in the countryside. Today, be it a balcony, front yard or backyard. Every spot is a potential plot for urban farming. This is an exciting initiative for Malaysians to embark upon. 

As per Francis Chuah, CEO of Urban Farm Tech, “With a relatively small space — perhaps a balcony of just 8ft (2.44m) wide and 10ft high — one can grow organic vegetation that would satisfy the need of a whole family sufficiently. According to our record, one could generate a revenue of about RM600 per month from growing vegetables for a space of about 30ft x 8ft.” This new farming technique, otherwise known as urban agriculture or urban gardening, could contribute in providing people with locally produced food and within the city limits, if not the world.


This campaign is crowdfunding to build a UFT Tech Hub at a strategic location that has a consistent crowd from events or functions within the Cyberjaya ecosystem. The aim of this tech hub is to act as the catalyst or center of inspiration towards talents in Malaysia to educate, innovate, and promote a self-sustainable city concept through modern agriculture technology.

This hub will focus on providing the following services:

Education: A platform for students, visitors, or communities to learn and experience urban farming through workshops and events hosted by UFT or other authorities.

Innovation: A testing ground for researchers, universities, or agritech innovators to bring their vision to life.

Production: With a size of 11.5k sq feet, UFT Tech Hub will target to produce a minimum of 8 tons of vegetables per year.

This project will be the stepping stone for UFT to scale the business further, and to have a proper facility to conduct commercial scale urban farm workshops, product research & development as well as project showcase for customers.

It is also a project for UFT to pilot test a new business model, which is to produce and supply pesticide free and healthy vegetables to local residence with sustainable farming solutions. We expect to scale it across other parts of Malaysia through a sustainable business model that could contribute to the local communities by creating job opportunities while also supplying healthy food source to local residents.

For every RM100 donated, you are enabling 9m³ of CO₂ absorption by reducing deforestation for conventional farming.

Urban farming can be done by anyone and everyone from household users, schools and corporates. UFT provides full installation, training and customer support to ensure the success of customer’s farming journey. This initiative aims to have an impact through growing food sustainably with vacant space in urban areas, reducing food miles, and CO₂ emission. 

UFT aims to tackle this over 2 phases.

Phase 1:

– Start the first production aimed urban farm in Cyberjaya with a vacant land.

– Inspire, educate and create awareness of importance of urban farming to local communities.

– Supply local growth produce to the local communities.

Phase 2:

– Start building more farms across Malaysia; at the same time creating job opportunities to the B40 group.

Current Achievements

– UFT has successfully implemented numerous impressive modern urban farm projects at schools such as SMK SAS, SK Alai, SK Tampoi, and SMK Bukit Lanjan.

– UFT has reached out to educate the community by delivering urban farming talks to universities such as UPM and TARUC that create awareness among youth.

– UFT has reached an estimated 3,000 people as of January 2020. UFT has also had been selected into the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Program that is also a recognition of UFT as a tech integrated farming solution provider for a sustainable city, Cyberjaya. It leads UFT to have the opportunity to partner with local councils such as MP Sepang to run the first urban farming initiative in Cyberjaya.

Upcoming Goals

UFT aims to provide and generate an impact for:

– 30,000 people to have access to knowledge of urban farming.

– 100,696  of CO₂ absorption by reducing deforestation.

– 8,000 KG of vegetable that is sustainable, healthy and pesticide free.

– RM60,000 of income generated for B40 community.

For every RM100 donated, the donors are able to provide:

– 24 person to learn and access to urban farming knowledge.

– 9  of CO₂ absorption by reducing deforestation.

– 6 KG of local produce vegetables.

– RM 48 of income for B40 community and internship students.

Note: We are fundraising an additional RM2,500 to cover the payment gateway fee for our targeted amount of RM125,000.

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